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Uploading the Driver

Page history last edited by sarith.ong@liquidware.com 7 years, 10 months ago

If your having trouble either compiling or uploading your codes, check to see if you have the proper driver installed. In doing so, you can follow the steps below.

Getting the Arduino R3 to compile and upload codes:


If Windows failed to install the drivers, you will have to manually install the driver yourself. 


Open start menu -->right click Computer --> scroll down and click properties.

In System Window --> click Device manager (top left corner).


In Device Manager --> scroll down to Unknown device --> right click, then select Update Driver Software.



Select the Browse button.



Browse your Arduino folder --> select "drivers", click OK, then next.



Windows will now install the Drivers. 



Make sure the board is selected.





Make sure the Antipasto IDE recognizes the serial port (mine is Com 6).





On a Mac OS

Download the Arduino Antipasto IDE.



Install the FTDI Driver


Run the Arduino Antipasto app.



Select the board type.



Make sure your serial port is recognized.





Now you should be able to compile and upload your codes. 



If you've gone through this list, followed all the steps and are still having trouble, please contact Sarith.ong@liquidware.com











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