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Environmental Study

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Unabridged Video:



The meat of the Android code is these two lines:


         if ((time == DAY) && (prevTime == NIGHT))

             new Sound(mContext).play("/sdcard/rooster.mp3");


And then here's the digital ratchet filter used to cleanup the unfiltered light sensor output:


                    if ( (sensorVal < 50) && (ratchetCounter > ratchetMin))



                    if (ratchetCounter == ratchetMin)

                        time = NIGHT;


                    if ((sensorVal > 400) && (ratchetCounter < ratchetMax))



                    if (ratchetCounter == ratchetMax)

                        time = DAY;


                    if ((time == DAY) && (prevTime == NIGHT))

                        new Sound(mContext).play("/sdcard/rooster.mp3");


         prevTime = time;



2x Arduino

1x AT&T Cell Modem

1x Wireless Router

1x BeagleBoard with Android Ambrosia

1x BeagleTouch

1x AMBI Light Sensor

1x Humidity & Temperature Sensor

1x Pelican Case

2x Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

2x 12V Solar Panels


Recommended tools:



Recommended Helpers:

Chris Ladden

Matt Mehling

Justin Huynh

Mike Gionfriddo

Rith Ong


Wiring Diagram:

Coming soon


Block Diagram:

Coming soon


More Pictures:

Coming Soon

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