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Amber (redirected from Amber Pro)

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Introducing Liquidware Amber. Equipped with Android Gingerbread, Amber is a tablet development framework designed to accelerate time-to-market at all stages of product development. If you’ve ever felt like a customizable iPad, Galaxy Tab, or Kindle Fire would get you to the finish line a lot sooner, Amber is for you.     


Liquidware Amber unlike other development kits focused on testing out basic components and functions. Amber is an OMAP-driven, 7” multitouch capacitive tablet that’s perfectly incomplete. It’s fully functional as it is. Wrap a case around it, and it’s a portable tablet. Or add functionality. Attach a barcode scanner, motion detector, and camera, and install it as a retail kiosk.


Amber provides direct RS232 serial communication with Android applications.


Depending on your application and the level of customization required, Liquidware Amber comes in three flavors: Base, Enhanced, and Pro. For a detailed Amber spec comparison sheet, see image below.


Base edition outlined below is most versatile and ideal for stationary applications.


Enhanced edition outlined below comes equipped with a 4-cell battery, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, designed for lightweight portable and networked applications.  


Pro edition comes equipped with an extended-life 6-cell battery, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, as well as a 4G HSPA+/LTE modem (SIM card and carrier service not included).


http://www.liquidware.com/shop/show/AP1/Amber+Pro#Amber Pro edition shown


On this page



Video Tutorials

Here are some basic sample tutorials of how to use Amber. Once you're comfortable with the hardware, check out the coding section.



  • Holding and Rotating

  • Transfer files via USB 

  • Play a full-screen video



Software Development

Develop rich graphical user interfaces using C, Java, or Perl scripts. The following application tutorials use the Eclipse IDE for development, so you must install Eclipse for Android to follow along.


Development Environment (IDE)

Start here for setting up your development environment in Mac, Windows, or Linux. When you're ready, checkout some sample applications.



Sample applications 

Code samples I thought were useful for writing Android applications on the Amber. Make sure you read Installing Eclipse for Android to setup your environment for application development.



Operating System Development

The Amber is tested to run on the latest stable version of Android. Learn more below.





Features Comparison

The following chart describes the differences in the Amber models.





I post regular blogs on Antipasto blog for the Amber and I'll try to keep a few listed here. Subscribe to my RSS feed to see more blogs.





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