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GeoShield RF shielding for noisy applications

Page history last edited by Will 9 years, 2 months ago

This is a hack that I did to get the Arduino UNO and the GeoShield working properly together. The GeoShield was designed around previous Arduino boards, including the Duemilanove and others. In 2010, a new version of the Arduino was released called the Uno. The Uno board has a few different components and a different crystal location on the board. The new crystal location of the Arduino UNO tends to create additional RF interference that interfers with GPS signal, preventing satellite lock. Follow these instructions to get your GeoShield working with the Arudino Uno.


Stuff you need


1. Aluminum foil

2. Electrical tape

3. Liquidware GeoShield

4. Arduino Uno




1. Wrap up a piece of Aluminum foil(I folded a piece 4 times) and then cover the backside with electrical tape


2. Place the foil on the underside of the GeoShield with the electrical tape side down so that the vias are not shorted.


3. Using electrical tape, tape the foil to your GeoShield.




Signal strength before mod


Signal strength after mod

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