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BeagleTouch Touchscreen Calibration

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The BeagleTouch's touchscreen comes pre-calibrated from the factory. If you'd like to adjust the calibration for what ever reason, use the built-in calibration application through a terminal program using the following steps.


Angstrom Touchscreen Calibration

  1. Attach the BeagleTouch module onto BeagleBoard
  2. Connect a USB type-b mini cable to the BeagleTouch. This uses FTDI USB-serial drivers, so if you are using Windows, make sure you install the virtual comm port drivers.
  3. Install putty terminal (Windows users)
  4. Set you terminal to: 115200 baud, (no hardware flow control)
  5. Power-on the device, wait for Linux to completely boot.
  6. Login using:
    1. username: root
    2. pass: no password, just hit enter
  7. Test the touchscreen calibration using this command:

                      root@beagleboard:~# ts_test

     8 . Recalibrate the touchscreen:

root@beagleboard:~# ts_calibrate


Android Touchscreen Calibration

  1. Edit the calibration file on the operating system using the above output

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