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Android DIY Starter Kit

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The Android DIY Starter Kit is to individual hackers looking for an open source development platform that provides access to customize

both hardware and software. Previously, DIY Android development consisted of using an open source software toolchain to build applications,

while the hardware itself often came in the form of a closed source, and physically enclosed device.


The DIY Starter Kit removes this limitation, while keeping the final device portable and modular – a prototype with the option to be enclosed

or mounted for designated use.It includes the 4.3” OLED touchscreen equipped BeagleTouch, which also provides audio and simplifies debugging

access into a single Type B-mini USB outlet.


The setup is driven by the 720MHz ARM-based, open source BeagleBoard C4, and becomes portable with the 4500 mAh BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen.

The portable, hardware hackable DIY Starter Kit also comes with a custom-tailored bootable Android SD card, with drivers and kernels

specially designed to run Android applications from this hardware platform.



  • intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • handheld mobile device prototyping
  • Android-based hardware controllers



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