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Installing apk packages over USB with adb

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This tutorial assumes that you have the Android Hardware Development Environment ( http://www.liquidware.com/shop/show/BB-AND-HDE/Android+Hardware+Development+Environment ) installed.


Setting up ADB


For ADB over OTG USB, the Android gadget needs to be enabled. Once the
USB cable is plugged in between the Beagleboard and the Linux host,
the gadget will begin to operate. By default, the permissions of the
device that will be created on the Linux host will not allow a regular
user to access the device, so it is necessary to create a udev rules
file to set the permissions.


Create a file in /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules to contain:



The values of idVendor and idProduct need to be changed to match your
device, you can figure this out by doing a "lsusb" on the Linux host.


Using ADB

$ cd ~/Eclipse/plugins/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/

$ ./adb



Installing APK File


$ ./adb install FILE_NAME.apk




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