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Customized Boot-Up Visuals

Page history last edited by Will 12 years, 5 months ago

Customized boot-up visuals for the BeagleTouch and BeagleBoard can be created by recompiling the psplash application with custom png images.




Get psplash source and its dependencies:

$ opkg install gtk+-dev

$ wget http://github.com/downloads/liquidware/liquidware_beagleboard_linux/psplash-r424.tgz

$ tar -xvf psplash-r424.tgz

$ cd psplash-r424


Patch psplash for a black background:

$ wget http://github.com/downloads/liquidware/liquidware_beagleboard_linux/psplash-lw-bootup-imgs.tgz

$ tar -xvf psplash-lw-bootup-imgs.tgz

$ patch -p1 < psplash-lw-bgcolor.patch


Convert images and compile:

$ make-image-header.sh lwsplash.png POKY ; mv lwsplash-img.h psplash-poky-img.h

$ make-image-header.sh barblack.png BAR ; mv barblack-img.h psplash-bar-img.h

$ gcc psplash.c psplash.h psplash-fb.c psplash-fb.h psplash-console.c psplash-console.h psplash-poky-img.h psplash-bar-img.h -o psplash 


Running the Boot Screen


To run simply type:

$ ./psplash & 


To make this your default start up splash:

mv /usr/bin/psplash /usr/bin/psplash.angstrom

cp ./psplash /usr/bin/psplash


Here is psplash booting with a custom image:



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