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Security Camera

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The security camera system uses the BeagleBoard, BeagleTouch OLED Display, and Cameras to capture and display video feeds. Simultaneous live video feeds are displayed on the BeagleTouch for real time security monitoring. Images are saved as Bitmap images to the disk and can later post-processed. In the following examples, images are stored for inspection in the ~/Pictures/ folder.



Install securecam


Run the following commands:

$ opkg install gtk+-dev

$ wget http://github.com/downloads/liquidware/liquidware_beagleboard_linux/securecam-1.0.tgz

$ tar xvf securecam-1.0.tgz

$ cd securecam

$ ./compile

$ ./install


Displaying and Capturing Video

The BeagleBoard uses a high-performance ARM processor capabile of displaying and capturing simultaneous video sources on the BeagleTouch OLED Display creating a high-efficiency security system.


To run the default 4 camera setup:

$ securecam


To run a single camera:

$ export DISPLAY=:0.0

$ securecam-app [OPTIONS]


-cam - Specify which camera to use.. /dev/video0-n

-height - Specify the height of the video

-width - Specify the width of the video

-fps - Specify the frames per second 

-capmode - By default capture is turned off turn it on by using -capmode bmp

-picdir - Specify where the pictures are saved



$ securecam-app -cam /dev/video0 -width 320 -height 240 -fps 15 -capmode bmp -picdir ~/Pictures


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  • gspy - Retrieves video and processes daily mpeg movies to disk. Uses motion detection to filter data.

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at 11:13 am on Jul 23, 2011

let me know to use scanners for finger print instead of camera

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