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Linux Wi-Fi Snooping

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The following describes how to install and run kismet, a popular tool used to sniff out and display Wi-Fi 802.11 based networks.



The Install scripts assume your device has an internet connection using a Wireless G or Ethernet adapter or equivalent


$ wget http://www.kismetwireless.net/code/kismet-2010-07-R1.tar.gz

$ tar -xvf kismet-2010-07-R1.tar.gz

$ opkg install ncurses-dev libpcre-dev libpcap-dev libnl-dev

$ cd kismet-2010-07-R1

$ ./configure

$ make dep

$ make

$ make install


Snooping Wi-Fi

With a serial terminal open type:


$ export DISPLAY=:0.0

$ xterm -e kismet -c wlan0


Here is kismet running:




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