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Modular open source hardware meets the BeagleBoard. The BeagleTouch eliminates the need for many of the peripherals typically required to interface with the BeagleBoard single board computer.


With a 480×272 resolution and 262K color touchscreen OLED display, a 20 mm speaker, and a type B-mini interface to RS232 serial, the BeagleTouch snaps directly onto the BeagleBoard to create a handheld tablet computer.


Instead of searching for 6 different cables to connect a desktop full of monitors, keyboards, mice- not to mention FTDI, null modem, and IDC cables required for serial communication, the BeagleTouch allows embedded software programmers to get right to prototyping and custom application development.


Combined with the BeagleJuice battery pack, the BeagleTouch and Beagleboard becomes a laptop-like, Linux-powered device that simplifies embedded hardware development for almost any application.




  • handheld mobile device
  • kiosk interface
  • portable control panel





  • 480×272 pixel OLED screen
  • 120Hz fresh rate 
  • 262K colors
  • 4.3” viewing space
  • Linux 2.6.34+ drivers included





  • Provides instant BeagleBoard serial terminal access via Type B-mini USB
  • FTDI based level shifting has Win/Linux/Mac compatibility



  • 20 mm onboard speaker
  • 1-Watt I2C Audio driver codec



  • 3 white debugging LEDs to indicate activity or data transmission


BeagleBoard Connection








  • Driver: BeagleBoard source (board-omap3beagle.c) source from linux-omap 2.6.34-rc3 liquidware branch
  • Driver: OLED display source (panel-cmel-oled43.c) source from linux-omap 2.6.34-rc3 liquidware branch
  • Driver: Touchscreen source (tsc2007.c) source from linux-omap 2.6.34-rc3 Liquidware branch


Apps and Software Development

Here are a few examples of Linux apps customized for the BeagleTouch and BeagleBoard. See the BeagleBoard GTK Development page for more information on writing your own custom user interfaces and embedded applications.




Use the files below to build your own SD card 

BeagleTouch Dimensions 


3.6 oz

103 grams




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