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1k-10k Ohm Resistors

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Digital electronics don’t require a lot of values of resistors. We wanted to provide some resistors just as a convenience for beginners to get going. The previous resistor pack we offered was a lot of work for us to pack, and also a lot of work for customers to sort out on the other end.


As an alternative we’re offering approximately fifty of two really common values 1k and 10k, packed in two separate bags, so not much work on either end.




  • ~50 × 1kohm – brown-black-red
  • ~50 × 10kohm – brown-black-orange
  • Carbon Film
  • 1/4 Watt
  • +/- 5% Tolerance
  • 350ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient
  • Through Hole
  • Axial Case

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