8x8 LED Display Board Kit


This is a board I burned with the idea of providing a non-multiplexed 8×8 LED display for higher powered LED applications. The driver chips have constant current sources built in, the brightness / current draw of which is set by one resistor. The board will accommodate either through-hole or the larger sized surface mount LED’s. The panels are 3.200" square and tile seamlessly, allowing one to build LED displays of any size, or even cruciform layouts.


The data interface to the board is a standard SPI (synchronous serial protocol) with a clock, data, and chip select line. There is also an enable line that is brought out to the interface header. To add more panels, just solder jumpers from one panel to the next. The data outputs on one panel line up with the data inputs on the next so the wiring is painless.


There is one small mistake on the board that requires a small modification to the board. There is a note about the required correction below.


If outfitted with high-quality super-bright LED’s, this display is blindingly bright and may be seen outdoors in daylight.



One customer’s project using four panels. video 7.9M