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JeeLabs Blink Plug

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The Blink Plug is a small board with room for two LEDs and two push buttons. This kit is packed with 3 mm LED’s so they look a bit smaller than the picture. The Blink Plug is useful for adding user interface elements to a JeeNode application. It could be just as easily used on a BBB or other microcontroller.


The PCB-only variant has the printed circuit board. No parts, no headers. There is no pre-assembled version.


Package Contents

1 green 3mm LED
1 red 3mm LED
2 470 ohm resistors
2 6 mm momentary switches
1 right-angle 1×6 male header
1 JeeLabs Blink Plug pcb



Blink Plug Schematic
Blink Plug at JeeLabs.org

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