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Zach Hoeken wanted a few more pins and a lot more code space for the RepRap project, so he created a board that is more powerful, yet still compatible with the Arduino software. It was very easy, since the Arduino software is both amazing and open source.


The Sanguino kit includes everything you need to build a working Sanguino, just add a programming adapter, or buy a bundle below and you’re ready to go.


More on the differences between Sanguino and Arduino


Technical Specifications


  • atmega644P core
    • 32 total general purpose I/O pins (some are multipurpose)
    • 8 analog pins
    • 6 PWM pins
    • 2 serial ports
    • 64K flash memory
    • 4K RAM
    • 2K EEPROM
    • interrupt and wake-up on pin change
    • JTAG interface 


  • Sanguino kit 


    • completely through-hole construction
    • breadboard compatible
    • 100% open source
    • compatible with Arduino 0017 with minimal hacking


Purchase Option Variants


  1. The bare PCB for building your own
  2. The Sanguino kit
  3. The Sanguino kit and a USB-BUB programmer
  4. Sanguino Chips are here





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