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Basic STAMP CoreBoard

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If you’d like one of these, just email me… if I get enough emails, I’ll build more :) -Justin


If you’re anything like me, electronics life probably started with or at least included a fleeting episode of Basic STAMP somewhere along the way (thanks Chip and Lance!). I mean really, it just wouldn’t be the same without late night problem sets using STAMPs or debugging sensors in do loops. Then I met Arduino, and it was love at first site. The Arduino had a perfect form factor, rows of female headers for snapping shields, and coding was a cinch. And my (now elaborate Basic STAMP collection got tossed aside)...


Until now! This is a Basic Stamp carrier board, called the CoreBoard. It’s shaped like an Arduino, programmable via USB, and even pin-for-pin mapped like an Arduino. Smack dab in the middle of the CoreBoard is a socket that lets you snap in any of your old Basic STAMPs. Of course, it’s pin compatible with almost any Stamp out there that runs on 5V, including the Javelin STAMP and ARM derivatives floating around. That also means you can now use any of the Arduino shields with the Basic STAMP platform too, just like some of the pictures on the left.


So if you want to resurect your old Basic STAMPs (or if you just feel the guilty pangs of leaving your first love), have fun with the CoreBoard!




  • Compatible with any 24-pin format Basic STAMP
  • Programmable via USB
  • 16 digital I/O pins mapped to Arduino female ports
  • On board voltage control generates 5 and 3.3 volts
  • Ground, Vin and Reset pins mapped




  • 1 Basic STAMP CoreBoard


  • 1 Basic STAMP CoreBoard
  • 1 BS2e Basic STAMP 2 module


  • 1 Basic STAMP CoreBoard
  • 1 BS2e Basic STAMP 2 red module
  • 1 BS2p Basic STAMP 2 yellow module
  • 1 BS2pe Basic STAMP 2 maroon module
  • 1 BS2px Basic STAMP 2 blue module

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