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Have a project that is space constrained? Want to also get wireless connectivity out of it? Introducing the YellowJacket, from Asynclabs, an Arduino compatible device based on the Arduino mini. This is as small as it can get with the wireless module. The YellowJacket is a two side surface mount device, so you’ll need to plan accordingly for components on both sides of the board in your wireless project.


Similar to the Arduino mini and to conserve space, the YellowJacket will require a USB breakout board to be able to program it. We will be providing the YellowJacket in two variants. One will have a 90° male header attached along one of the shorter edges to allow for easy connection to the USB breakout board. The other will have no header, and will require you to come up with your own mechanism for programming the device (i.e. spring clips).



  • smallest size possible with wireless capability
  • up to 12 digital I/O pins
  • 6 analog input pins
  • Atmel Mega 328P microprocessor
  • 32KB flash RAM (2KB used for bootloader)
  • 2KB SRAM
  • 802.11b 1 and 2 mbps wireless connectivity
  • on-board PCB antenna
  • supports infrastructure mode (BSS) and adhoc (IBSS) network modes
  • support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security
  • LED attached to digital pin 9 used to indicate a successful wireless connection
  • For more information, including schematics, please visit the Asynclabs wiki


Note: For WiFi usage, a minimum of 5 digital pins are required: 4 for SPI and 1 for interrupt. The SPI bus can be shared with other SPI devices, but the CS pin cannot be modified from pin 10. Your other SPI device must have a switchable SPI CS pin, or a hardware modification needs to be performed.


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