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Navigation Rig

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 The Navigation Rig, or Nav Rig for short, is a modern-day, DIY wayfinder. The Nav Rig combines 5 Degrees of Freedom (1 2-axis Gyro and 1 3-axis accelerometer) with a digital Compass Module and a Field Diagnostic Rig

The Nav Rig can be programmed to provide real-time directional data and mounted on a remote-control craft or on a vehicle as a touchscreen, cockpit diagnostics interface. The triangles prop up the TouchShield Slide to make it easier to read while creating space for analog sensors to be connected.

Placed in an enclosure, it can be carried like a remote uber-GPS that responds to motion while reading out direction.

Like the Diagnostic Rig Pro, the Nav Rig Pro simply combines a dual-screen, dual-core powered setup with the compass, gyro and accelerometer.

They can also be easily mounted as a remote work station. If set up with the WiNet Kit , the Diagnostic Rigs can also be used to log data wirelessly.




The Navigation Rig comes with:


The Navigation Rig Pro comes with all of the above, plus the following:

  • 1 additional Arduino Duemilanove
  • 1 additional Pair of Triangle Extenders
  • 1 additional TouchShield Slide
  • 1 12-in Type B standard USB cable







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